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A cancer diagnosis is like being hit by a train. Fear. Anger. Frustration. Confusion. Offering your support to a friend or loved one is important. We’re here to help you find just the right gift to send your love.

When someone you know is sick, sad or having a bad day, and simple sentiments – like “get well soon” or “I’m here for you” – just aren’t enough to show you care, you can turn to us, where every gift is sent with a smile.

When loved ones reach their goals after months or even years of dedication, you need just the right gift to applaud their accomplishments. On the days they’ll remember forever, we’re here to help you inspire them as they take the next steps along life’s path.

When their closing day is approaching, we're here to help you mark this major milestone. Our complete line of thoughtful gifts make it easy to set yourself apart from the impersonal gift cards and clichéd bottles of bubbly.


Sometimes flowers or cookies, or those oh-so-fancy pears, just won’t do when you want to show someone you care. Whether it’s a team member, work partner, customer or client, who’s facing his worst day or her best day, we’ll find just the right gift to send.

Please check out our three gift lines and see what we have to offer. From serious to silly, we have thoughtful gifts and care packages that will show your support.


Our gift center offers unique gifts for your loved ones and friends. With three gift collections, whether it’s their best day or their worst, we’re here to help you send a little happiness, love and support.

Jill Wuetherich and Sarah Brewster, sisters; and Elisa Trozzolo, sister-in-law; along with their nine children and mom; work together at Care Center Gifts, LLC. You can trust that our collection of products are thoughtfully packaged with love in Kansas City, Missouri. More

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